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    Preliminary Report - Transfer Factor Testing
    (additional test results to follow)

    Background and rationale: 1) Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the US. The rate of nearly every type of cancer is on the rise. Despite billions of dollars in research, the mortality rate has remained nearly unchanged since the 1960's using conventional treatments such as radiation, surgery and chemotherapy. Thus, there is considerable interest in using immune modulation as an adjuvant for cancer therapy. Natural killer cells are particularly important in destroying cancer cells.

    Purpose of study: 1) To determine the in vitro anti-cancer effects of Transfer Factor and Transfer Factor Plus using PBMC isolated from human volunteers and assaying the increased ability of the NK cell population to kill K562 erythroleukemic cells.

    Methods: 1) PBMC killing of K562 (erythroleukemic) cells

    Results: 1) Transfer Factor increased NK-cell killing by 103%
                 2) Transfer Factor Plus increased NK-cell killing by 248

    Note: As of May 2004, 4Life company has created the Transfer Factor Advanced Formula and Transfer Factor Plus Advanced Formula. Details

    Conclusions: Transfer Factor and Transfer Factor Plus induced immune-based lysis of K562 cells at a level unprecedented in the director's experience or in the known medical literature. Since NK cell function is so crucial in killing cancer cells, these products are ideal candidates for cancer adjuvant therapy. In addition, NK cells form a first line of defense against infections from viruses and certain other microorganisms. Killing assays against K562 cells have also been correlated with increased activity against chronic and acute infections as well.

    Institute of Longevity Medicine

    Nutraceutical induced increase in Natural Killer cell activity
    Nutriceutical % Rise in Natural Killer cell activity
      Transfer Factor Plus Advanced Formula
    437 %
      Transfer Factor Advanced Formula
      Transfer Factor Classic 103 %
      IP6  (highest of group previously tested) 49 %
      Plant Polysaccharide Formula 48 %
      Echinacea 43 %
      Shiitake Mushroom 42 %
      Cordeceps Formula 28 %
      Bovine Colostrum 23 %
      Phytonutrient Formula 21 %
      Endocrine System Formula 16 %
      Aloe Vera Concentrate (acemannan) 15 %
      Noni  (Morinda Citrafolia) 15 %

    Note: Over the years, Jeunesse Inc. has tested 196 nutraceuticals. 152 of these products increased effectiveness from 0 to 10%.  Only 44 products did better than 10%.  40% of these products were too toxic to use without caution. Until now, IP6 showed the highest increase at 49%.  Transfer Factor has been shown to be the most powerful product on the market, with a toxicity level of ZERO.